What are flexidentures?

Flexidentures, as the name implies, are slightly flexible removable partial dentures. It is a completely different material to the standard acrylic that has some amount of give and movement in it. Because of the flexibility, it allows clasps (to grip the teeth) to be constructed as an extension of the base so they are gum coloured, not metal and help to provide very good grip. They are a great option for replacing teeth on just one side (if you have teeth either side of the gap) and can’t afford or have (because of a lack of bone or support) an implant or bridge. They are a comfortable partial denture and patients tend to be pretty happy with wearing them.

Why do I need flexidentures?

Missing teeth can have long term and short term consequences for you and your mouth. Wearing flexidentures can help improve your self-esteem and confidence when dealing with people. They restore your teeth and smile and correct your facial form from the sagging of your facial muscles into the spaces left by missing teeth. They give you more teeth to chew with and even out your bite, reducing wear on your other teeth thus reducing the likely hood of problems. Other advantages of flexidentures include:

  • Aesthetically pleasing due to its translucent pink gums and absence of metal clasps
  • Discomfort and movement of the flexidentures are minimised (especially when eating)- they tend to grip very well
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fit
  • Can be tightened easily at home by putting in hot water and (when not too hot) putting them in your mouth and letting them cool, shrinking against your teeth and reforming the fit.

flexidenturesWhilst good flexidentures are most suitable for stable mouth conditions as adding teeth and relining in the material is not easily done. Therefore, if you are likely to lose more teeth in the near future they may not be the best option.

How should I take care of my flexidentures?

Good oral hygiene is always needed particularly around the teeth and either side of your gaps. Since flexidentures are removable: you must take them out to clean your teeth and clean the flexidentures separately themselves. Here are a few tips for denture-wearers on how to practice good denture hygiene. Taking care of your flexidentures:

  • If you’re not wearing your flexidentures, put them in a glass or container with water to prevent them from drying out. A zip lock bag with a bit of water is a good easy way to store them.
  • Before putting them in, and after every meal, rinse them under running water to make inserting them more comfortable and remove any debris.
  • There are recommended specialised cleansers for flexidentures that you can order online or sometimes from us if we have them in stock.
  • Make sure to clean the inside and outside of your flexidentures with a soft toothbrush and we recommend soap over toothpaste which could dull the surface.
  • Make it a habit to clean your flexidentures above a sink with some water in, in case it slips off or you accidentally drop it.
  • Make routine checkups (every 6 months) with your dentist as your gum changes over time and this might cause the flexidentures to become loose.


  • Use a toothpick on your flexidentures
  • Put your flexidentures in hot or warm water: this may distort them
  • Use over-the-counter cleaners not specific for flexidentures as some ingredients may be harsh and could damage the surface.
  • Use toothpaste when cleaning your flexidentures.