our-patients-infantsWe suggest your child’s first dentist visit is around the age of 3 when all the baby teeth are through. Any younger and we tend to struggle to get them to sit in the chair or stay still long enough to have a little look.

It’s a good idea to bring them with you to a regular check up assuming you are OK at the dentist. If you’re super nervous or sensitive, then it’s probably best we see them first- without them picking up on your fears!

When preparing them for their first visit, it’s good to say that the dentist is a tooth doctor and he wants to count your teeth check you have everything and make sure they are OK. Avoid using words like be brave or strong etc. as this pre-supposes there is something to fear when really there isn’t. Get them excited! There is a cool chair that moves up and down; it’s a bit like a spaceship. We always try to meet the child with lots of energy and enthusiasm and because of this we refer very little to the paediatric dentist and get through most treatment ourselves with heaps of care and encouragement.