childrens-dentist-maroubraWe are very proud of the way we look after children at the Practice and being a family dentist in Maroubra, we see lots of them! Children shouldn’t grow up scared of the dentist which was so often the case in years gone by. We have come along way in terms of equipment but also we are very lucky in Private Practice in Australia where we have a more time to spend with them: making them feel safe, looking after them, helping them actually enjoy the experience- Yes, most of our child patients actually enjoy coming to visit us!

One of the biggest fears parents and children have is needles and having injections. We use topical cream to numb the surface, warm the anaesthetic so they feel it less and apply it very slowly. They sometimes feel a very cold little pinch but most of the time with their eyes shut and wiggling their toes they really don’t feel a thing- except the pins and needles or “spottiness” of it, as it starts to numb. Amazingly, it feels huge and they can’t believe when they look in the mirror and see that everything looks normal.

We like to approach our work with children as a team- we are here to help them and they need to help us. We use descriptive language they can relate to and have names for all the tools which makes them seem friendly. e.g. the drills are simply my ‘fast and slow’ toothbrushes- one vibrates a lot; the other sprays water to keep it cool and the mini vacuum cleaner will suck the water up.

We start early and get them used to us doing simple, easy things in their mouth like a ‘clean, polish and fluoride’ which always makes for a great picture on your camera phone.

Your children will be in good hands and they may even become [in your mind] ‘oddly’ excited to visit us… Happens a lot.