dental-phobia-maroubraWe see a lot of anxious patients and have become rather good at dealing with them – even if we do say so ourselves! “Visiting the Dentist” is a very common fear and most of time it stems from our experiences as a child. That’s part of the reason we like to see so many children, and from such a young age. Give them a great start and positive experience at the dentist ‘and’ they will grow up being not afraid, with good dental habits – thus ensuring as few problems as possible throughout their life time.
We offer oral sedation and happy gas if required, though we find that when you genuinely care, are very gentle giving anaesthetic and take the time to discuss the options and what will be experienced – we are able to allay the majority of fears. We find patients respond so well to our caring nature that when they have had other less than positive experiences at other dentists, they become patients for life and travel from very far afield to come and see us. We have a number who actually travel interstate because they know they will be looked after and made comfortable.
There are often a few options of how we can do things that can also allay your fears. For example, if you suffer really sensitive teeth during scaling then we can try things like applying desensitising paste before hand, using a handscaler if that fails or even doing it over two appointments with anaesthetic if need be. Whilst dental treatment is nobody’s favourite thing, it is important to find a caring, quality dentist that you like and feel comfortable, here in Maroubra, or close to where you live.
We hope we can be of service.