Dynamic Dental Laboratory has been servicing dentists in Maroubra for a number of years and a little over a year ago relocated to a new premises 3 doors down from us on Anzac parade. So if you want to know where our crowns, bridges, dentures are being made- then we can always pop down and we’ll introduce you to the team. Having a great lab in such close proximity is a luxury that it would be easy to take for granted. It affords us the ability to pop down and meet with their head technician Chris to take a shade or discuss a slightly more complicated case. Changes can be made rapidly. Staining on the day of insertion for cosmetic cases to aid the final blend in with the natural teeth. Australian made and operated, they are an efficient operation who pride themselves on delivering quality work in a timely manner. They offer a wide range of services including crown and bridge, dental implant restorations, dentures, bleaching trays and mouth guards. Their custom emax inlays and onlays are exceptional in aesthetics and fit. If we need further refinement, we can just go down and see them and have it back in a jiffy.