Now semi-retired (well almost… he is still here most days!) PK, as he is known, has always had an uncanny knack for finding great team players and quality dentists. He is particularly proud of his current team, many of whom have been with him for years, even decades.

Dr Richardson graduated from Sydney Dental School in 1950. His life has been an incredible journey and a very happy one – from the World War II air force to dentistry, and a happy marriage, two children and two grand children along the way. He lived and held practices in both New Zealand and England for some years before settling back down in Australia to focus on this practice in the heart of Maroubra.

He takes a keen interest in what his team is doing- always popping his head in the surgery, or racing to answer the phone. His good heart and enthusiasm for dentistry has been the backbone of running our successful practice.

He is passionate about the control of ‘anxiety and apprehension in patients’, and has always been actively involved with societies attempting to deal with this important issue.
When not at the surgery, you will find him globe trotting or frequenting the local golf courses.